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Multiple attachments to suit all of your Landscaping and earthmoving needs

Choosing Ryder Earthmoving to get the job done is a decision you will be more than happy about come completion. We're an owner operated wet hire service who pride ourselves on quality work and being on-time every time!
Tipper Truck

Weight: 10 Tonne GVM Single Axel Rigid Tip Truck.
Delivery or disposal of raw materials of landscaping supplies, sand, gravel, wood chips, rocks and more. Rubbish and heavy waste disposal. Concrete and earth removal and disposal.

S130 Bobcat

2.3 tonne skid steer compact loader and operator hire
Driveways, repairs and maintenance. Site excavation and landscaping. Cleaning up of building sites. Vegetation removal and disposal. Excavation for driveways, shed pads & rainwater tank pads.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a bobcat weigh?

All Bobcat’s can vary in weight, depending on size and if using attachments. Our S130 weighs 2.3 tonne without attachments.

What is the difference between a bobcat and a skid steer?

Skid steers are available in various sizes. As the size increases so does the load capacity. Skid steers have a load capacity of less than 80 pounds to over two tons. Skid steer attachments enable the machine to perform various tasks that generally would take significant time and effort without.

A Bobcat is a brand name. Bobcat offer skid steers and many other types of construction equipment. There are over a dozen models of Bobcat skid steers. Bobcat also offers more than 70 attachment options.

Why choose us for your earthmoving, bobcat and tipper needs?

Choosing Ryder Earthmoving to get the job done is a decision you will be more than happy about come completion. Wez the owner/operator of Ryder Earthmoving has a long list of qualifications & experience in a number of industries, we don't bore you by listing them all but what we will say is, he his a perfectionist, is efficient and has extremely high expectations of himself & the work he delivers! You will always be guaranteed a high quality job completed with thought and care for your property at an affordable price.