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For all your Scraping, Digging, Levelling and Bulk Loading needs. Clean up of building sites. Driveways. Tank pads & Shed Pads

Chain Trencher Attachment

Trenching for Storm water, Electrical, Drainage & Irrigation. Our Trencher can cut to a depth of 900mm and up to 180mm wide.

Tipper Truck

Hino 300 tip truck - 3.5 tonne payload. Pickup and delivery of Landscaping Materials. Waste Removal and more.

Hole Boring Attachment

Post or pylon hole boring up to 450mm in diametre and up to 2m deep. Hole Borer Sizes: 0.3m | 0.45m

Spreader bar attachment

For leveling gravel driveways, car park area’s etc

Cement Mixer Attachment

Mix and pour in one operation.

Cultivator Attachment

Our 1500mm wide Yanmar cultivator is ideal for Vegetable gardens and small plots.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Excavation cost?

This depends on what you would like to have excavated, the size and the depth. Call us for a Free no-obligation quote.

Do you do gravel driveway repairs?

We do Gravel driveway repairs caused by erosion and many years of wear and tear from either high traffic or heavy loads etc we also provide solutions with draining problems to prevent further erosion problems in the future.

What’s the cost to build a gravel driveway?

The cost is largely dependent on the size of your driveway, the layout of the land and drainage that also has to be factored in when building a new driveway, there a many factors that come into building a new driveway and to get a lasting driveway it is best done with all of these factors taken into consideration from the beginning. We come out to inspect the job that needs doing before quoting - this is a free no obligation quote. That way the cost is transparent before work begins.

How long do gravel driveways last?

A gravel driveway can last many years with proper care and maintenance, If you have the correct drainage in place to prevent erosion there is little else that can go wrong with a gravel driveway.

Do you offer driveway grading services?

Yes, From stripping topsoil, to levelling gravel - we provide a wide variety of grading services.