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Compact Chain Trencher Bobcat Wet Hire with Chain Trencher Extensions

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Our Chain Trench digger can reach a depth of 900mm (Max) and a 180mm wide

We provide Trenching Wet hire throughout the greater regions of the Sunshine coast, Hinterlands, North Brisbane, Moretan Bay and Somerset.
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Our trenching machine attaches to our bobcat skid steer to provide trenching for stormwater and plumbing needs, drainage, irrigation, electrical wires and more.

Our trenching attachment turn hard physical labor into a quick, easy job with little mess. Our trencher can handle most tree roots and rocky soil, works fine through mud and clay however it can sometimes take little longer if these obstacles are through the soil.

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Trenching and Chain Trencher FAQ

How deep does a trencher dig?

Our Trencher digs to a depth of 900mm deep and up to 180mm wide.

Will a Trencher cut through tree roots?

Dependent of how how large the Tree roots are, if you have a particular trench you need digging that includes cutting through tree roots, it’s best that we inspect first to let you know if it is possible.

Will a Trencher work through Rocky soil?

Our Trencher can cope with some small loose buried rocks but not large or buried bed rock. If your ground is particularly rocky, its best we inspect it first.

Will a Trencher work through mud?

Yes, Our trencher will cut through mud and clay.